Our Mission

To provide comprehensive management, marketing, and training consultations to our target audience. As we are not interested in simply producing services for our clients we believe in creating a long-term relationship to generate and repeat business and top notch reputation and creating word of mouth marketing strategy.

Our clients believe that working with EVEREST is more professional, less risky, and much committed.

Our Values


We drive business growth by empowering the right people. We believe that skills, experience, mutual loyalty and respect, all together, result in a committed and high performing team and, ultimately, in a long term relationship with our customers.


A continuous innovation process supports our work, delivering high performing consulting projects, suggesting innovative application of existing leading technologies as well as testing new visionary ones.


We put quality first. Skilled consultants empower our customers with a strong decision-making mindset, accurate data analysis and high quality results.


We achieve great results through consistent methods. We leverage data and analytical methods, anticipating the effect of every decision, continuously investing in R&D for innovative methodologies, metrics, software platforms and solutions to improve our clients’ performance.